In addition to routine services, which are known from the popular model of gynecological practice we guarantee additional benefits

 Specific plan for gynecological examinations, and pregnancy prevention; 

 Turbotec PAP test: a modern Pap test for early diagnosis of cancer  50% more effective than PAP smear

 HPV-DNA test to discover the infection of Human Pappiloma Virus, which causes the development of
 cervical cancer; 

 Test for Chlamydia: Test to discover the infection that causes glue tubes, which may cause difficulties in becoming pregnant; 

 Test ImmoCare: notably the discovery of a specific test for bowel cancer; 

 Test Blasen-Tumor-Antigen: discovering early cancer of the bladder; 

 Hormone Test: Analysis of the situation to assess the hormonal disorders relevant to women's health; 

 AMH Test: blood test to assess the need to prevent pregnancy; 

 Vaccines Gynatren / StroVac: improving opportunities for self-defense of the organism, in sufferes of chronic infections of the vagina and the bladder; 

 Preventiv Medicine care program with the Association of German Women's Health Organisation 
 for the early detection of predisposition to myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes 
 and metabolic disorders; 

 Hormonal therapy of fertility (family planning); 

 Orthomolecular medicine

 BIA: comprehensive study of body composition, together with guidelines for nutrition; 

 Vaccination, medical tourism and tropical; 

 Natural medicine (homeopathy, phytotherapy, acupuncture); 

 Breast ultrasound, breast self-examination courses; 

 Pelvic ultrasound with doppler;

 Modern methods of contraception (IUP, Mirena, Implanon); 

 Pregnancy test - to discover if you are pregnant: 

 Ferti Check - fertility tests; 

 Anti Aging - delaying the aging process; 

 Advice Sexology


 Prenatal diagnosis of NT-screening tests, intensive ultrasound examination with Doppler
 and echocardiography, ultrasound 4D-live; 

 Test immunological situation in early pregnancy - to discover the risk of infections, 
 which occur during pregnancy and cause  dangerous fetal disease (toxoplasmosis, 
 Parvo-Virus19, cytomegalovirus infection, Listeriosis) 

 OGTT test - Pancreatic sugar load and determination of glucose in the blood to aid the discovery of Diabetes in pregnancy; 

 Comprehensive maternity, in cooperation with the midwife (midwife), preparation courses 
 for childbirth, postpartum courses (in German); 

 Aesthetic Medicine injections along with Botox and hyaluronic acid; 

 Courses / Seminars (in German); 
 In the Institute:  skin analysis, Mesotherapy, Dermabrasion, ultrasound peeling, Micro massage,
 Corneoterapia, laser hair removal, aesthetic endocrinology, popular cosmetic procedures,
 special programs for problematic skin, foot treatments, massage, holistic therapy;