We are organised as an appointment practice.

If possible, let us give you an appointment.

If you come to us without an appointment because of acute symptoms, we try to keep our waiting times as short as possible

Special service: Please ask for after office hours for emplayees.

If you come to us for the first time, please preper yourself by filling out an initial medical history form at home, which you should then please bring with you to the appointment.

Initial medical history form you can print in PDF format (in German) = Erstanamnese

Appointment at the private women's medical practice in the Stabiusstrasse 13, 85049 Ingolstadt or Freidrichshofenerstr. 1 in 85049 Ingolstadt

You make our work easier, if you make your appointment electronically -
you can be redirected to our appointment system:
.... for appointments at the gynecological practice
click HERE


If you need an emergency appointment during practice hours, please call in time
the Tel No. 0841-480484 to, and share your problem.

You will always get an appointment and be treated with preference.

Outside of office hours please call  Dr. Gackowski-Weimann`s landline on:
0841-47950 or her mobile on:  0172-840 75 35

The woman medical emergency, which deals with the patients in Ingolstadt on the weekend or after 18:00 clock is so organized: The practices in Ingolstadt take turns in offering services an  Saturdays und Sundays and official holidays from 10 to 12 o`clock.
Outside the times you can talk to a woman doctor by telephone.

Call the emergency medical service under 01 895 / 19 12 12 at.

Other important Tel.No. are:
Fire brigade: 112
Police: 110
Ambulance:  116 117

Pharmacies on duty

look at: ~ http://www.bingo-ev.de/ am119/apotheke /

Dates for the private practice in Stabiusstrasse 13, 85049 Ingolstadt only after personal agreement (ask for the nurse Olga Schmidt)  by calling 0841-48 04 84 (or call Dr. Gackowski-Weimann on 0841-47955 or 0172-840 75 35).

In an emergency situation, I am available either at my home telephone number: 0841-47950 or mobile phone at: 0172-840 75 35 available.
However, you can arrange a suitable appointment time regardless electronically:

you can be  redirected to our appointment system
.... for appointments in private practice Stabiusstrasse 13 Click HERE