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Women are like the four seasons and the four elements:

Changeable, but unique, life giving and noncontrollable,
and just like nature, filled through
and through with love.
Our motto is to keep this miracle healthy, happy and beautiful.

On our homepage we want to give you the opportunity to inform yourself in advance about fem-in-IN.
You will find out who we are, how we work and which diagnostic and therapeutic procedures we offer.
To us it is important that you feel comfortable with us, as a patient but also as a human being.

Fem-in-in is a modern concept for the health of women, divided into three categories.

Please consult us either in the Private Medical Doctors practice , which offers preventive medicine services, or take advantage of the institute´s wide range such as medical cosmetics nutrition and much more.

Do you need advice about conventional medicine or naturopathy? Then look no further!

If you still want to know more about us and how we work, please feel free to contact us!
We will be happy to help you!
I´m looking forward to meeting you - Dr. Beate Gackowski-Weimann