The woman gynecology practice of  Dr. Beate Gackowski-Weimann newly opened on 01/06/1992  in the Schlüter Strasse 13, 85049 Ingolstadt.

In this house there were nine medical specialists, a general practice, pharmacy, surgical supplies, Opticians and other businesses.

Since then, we have been taking care of more then of 20,000 patients from Ingolstadt and its surroundings.

It was a great pleasure for us to do it, because it was a challenge and enriched our experience.
Patients showed us, the topics they are interested in, and what special needs they have and in which areas they need our professional advice and guidance.

Quite rapidly, we recognized that the right way to  master this challenge successfully was only  possible through the acquisition of additional skills, using the latest equipment and maintaining the quality characteristics.

We completed  very interesting, but also time-consuming aditional trainings.
They are shown next to  at the portraits of the team members, where  you can look at them in case you are interested.

Of the utmost importance has always been to us, that we have time for our patients,  and that our appointments are always flexible. We can act fast in an emergency.
This has been appreciated by our patients,  even if  it caused delays.

To meet the steadily growing demands upon a gynecological practice, we searched for good
support, und employed a gynecologist for the time period between  01.01.2008 and 31.03.2011.

Released from everyday routine, the practice owner  Dr. Beate Gackowski-Weimann, now recovered the time and attention to put the previous experiences in practice management to a new approach, which is more adequate to the needs of the modern woman, than the conventional way of medical care.

In this way the idea of holistic care under the brand name

was then created.

Also, new rooms, nestled in a newly constructed building in the south of Ingolstadt were planned and implemented.

On 01/11/2008 our move  to the practice rooms in the building in  Münchener Strasse 144, 85051 Ingolstadt was successful.
Next to the woman doctor's office, the institute has been established, which covers those areas that can not be offered, as part of the conventional women's medical care.
An overview of the gallery images gives you an insight into the facilities,  related to women's medical practice and to the institute. You can find them under the topic "Home".

Apart from the fitness center "Positiv" there is also a fitness center especialyy for women (with a child care during the trainings) named  "Princess" in the building.
Also the dermatology practice of Dr. Haber was established.
In keeping with the principle of the healthy lifestyle, there is also a shopping center south  in the neighborhood  too,  with a health food store and  a pharmacy.

In the meantime we  feel very comfortable and at home in our new rooms. We benefit daily from the size, flexibility of the architecture and interior design.
We particularly commend to our patients the abundant supply of parking and easy accessibility of the new location.

For the smaller group of private patients, and  self-pay customers,  we still have a private practice in the West of Ingolstadt, with additional, more time-consuming care, whitch opened on 01.01.2009 in Stabiusstrasse 13 .
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